College can be stressful. Help-A-Zip推荐是与工作人员联系获取资源的好方法, guidance, and connection to UA departments. 支持和资源提供给欧冠投注APP生,法律和本科生.

We can help students connect to many resources regarding:

  • academics (旷课、缺课、多次缺课、学术指导等.);
  • mental health (counseling services, depression, anxiety, substance dependence, etc.);
  • finances (unexpected financial hardship, cost of textbooks, FAFSA, financial account holds, grants/loans, tuition/fees, etc.);
  • personal/social adjustment (relationships, social contentedness, homesickness, etc.) or;
  • health/wellness financial assistance (vouchers for visits and flu shots at Health Services).

Normally, 这个快速简单的表格为ZipAssist提供了关于学生个人需求和关注的基本信息. In response to a submission, 团队中的一名成员将在回复提交时提供资源和机会,安排会议进行对话和支持.

Other sources of assistance

Call the University of Akron Police Department at any hour at 330-972-2911 or 9-1-1.

UA's Counseling and Testing Center is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call 330-972-7082.


大学生试图自杀的典型原因包括缓解身体或情感上的痛苦, after a relationship break-up, or due to academic struggles. Suicide is preventable. Get help for you or a friend.

Get help now

Help for victims of sexual misconduct: Get help now.

You have several options:

  • UA Police: Available 24/7 at 330-972-2911
  • UA Title IX team:训练有素的UA员工和教职员工可以回答您关于报告性行为不端的问题
  • Rape Crisis Center of Medina and Summit Counties: Employees work directly with UA students. The center provides crisis intervention, support, advocacy and other resources to survivors of sexual assault. The center’s 24-hour hotline is 330-434-RAPE. The center has an office on campus in Room 246 of the Student Recreation & Wellness Center. Call the campus office at 330-972-6328 during normal business hours.

About confidentiality

最重要的是让学生们知道,迈克和强奸危机中心的员工致力于支持遭受过性暴力的个人, 但是当涉及到报告事件的机密性时,他们有不同的责任. 


  • Conversations with the Deputy Title IX Coordinator, are kept as confidential as possible, 但是,关于性行为不端事件的信息必须与相关管理人员共享(在性侵犯的情况下也是如此), with law enforcement), 这样大学就可以采取任何必要的行动来保护欧冠投注APP社区的安全,并遵守俄亥俄州的犯罪报告法.
  • 如果有人表示想向UA员工报告性侵犯, 该员工应告知该人她/他适用的报告义务和可用的机密资源. UA员工可能有义务向执法部门或第九条协调员报告不当性行为. See more information about reporting obligations.
  • 性侵幸存者可利用的欧冠投注APP机密资源是UA的持证辅导员 Counseling and Testing Center (330-972-7082) or licensed health professionals at Student Health Services (330-972-7808). 
  • The team at the Rape Crisis Center are not employees of UA, and do not have the same reporting obligations as University employees. 性侵幸存者向该中心求助,可以保持匿名. 

任何遭受过性侵犯的人都不需要提交正式的投诉来获得帮助, 但会收到有关她/他的所有选择的信息,以保护自己和欧冠投注APP安全. All efforts will be made to respect the privacy wishes of victims of sexual assault; however, 大学必须在所有隐私/保密要求与为所有人提供安全的学习和工作环境之间取得平衡.


The CARE Team 是一群大学专业人士,为遇到危机的学生提供指导和帮助, displaying odd or unusual behaviors, 或者从事其他可能被认为有害的行为(无论是对学生个人而言), or to others). CARE stands for Crisis, Assessment, Referral and Evaluation

CARE团队接受转介并回应学生(及其家人), faculty, and staff) when concerns for a student’s health, welfare, and safety are identified.

CARE团队还通过评估和评估情况来支持与有风险的学生互动的大学社区成员, communicating with individuals involved or impacted by a student’s behavior, 并提供转诊和资源,以协助和解决行为问题.

Make a CARE Team referral

UA's Counseling and Testing Center is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call 330-972-7082.

该大学提供8小时的高等教育心理健康急救认证. See details.

学生健康服务为在校学生提供健康护理. Appointments are requested. Call 330-972-7808.

Student Health Services is located in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, Suite 260, 382 Carroll St. Akron, OH 44325-1101.

Visit the Health Services website.

Emergencies after hours

When Student Health Services is closed, 因急性病或受伤需要立即就医的学生可到阿克伦市医院或克利夫兰诊所阿克伦总医院就诊. Fees for hospital treatment and/or ambulance transport, if needed, are the responsibility of the student.

See healthcare facilities offering evening and weekend hours in greater Akron.

UA's Campus Cupboard can help with access to food. Requests can be made online.

如需在线课程期间的支持和/或技术支持,请 complete this form.

About Help-a-Zip

What happens when a Help-a-Zip referral is made?

For academic concerns, the referral notice will be sent to a member of the ZipAssist Staff. 该同事将尝试联系该学生并推荐适合该情况的资源, 并将学生联系到相应的咨询单位以获得进一步的帮助.

Tuition/Fee referrals will be handled by a member of the ZipAssist Staff,他将访问可用的资源,然后与学生讨论选择.

Any referral which is of a personal/social nature will be reviewed by a member of the ZipAssist Staff, 谁将与学生联系,评估问题的性质,并将学生与适当的资源联系起来,包括咨询和测试中心, Tutoring, various offices on campus and/or community agencies. 有些转介涉及多个资源,Help-A-Zip团队将与欧冠投注APP内的同事合作解决复杂的问题.

Any referral which is of an emergency financial assistance nature will be reviewed by the ZipAssist Staff. 这些专业人员将访问可用的资源,并与学生讨论立即的选择.

For any ZipsTech requests, the referral will be sent to a member of the ZipAssist staff, who will review your student account to verify eligibility for the program. If eligible, 他或她会将您与计算机中心联系,以安排设备的提取。.


Direct questions about these services to:

Alison Doehring
Director, ZipAssist
330-972-6467 or
ZipAssist home page